RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2017

I was lucky enough to visit the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show on Sunday 9th July - the last day of it being open to the public for 2017. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and I felt very excited to be there as it was my first time at the show. At this prestigious annual event, gardens and an incredible array of plants and flowers are brought to Hampton Court Palace and exhibited to a crowd of around 130,000 people across the week.

We chose to spend a large amount of time in the Floral Marquee, because the photo opportunities seemed endless. I was so enchanted with the boundless variety of plants and flowers on show, and although the space was packed with people and absolutely huge (you could could fit an FA football pitch in the marquee according to the RHS website), if you could be patient then the photographic outcomes were totally worth it.

I think one of the things that inspired me most (besides the variety of plants on show), was the outstanding colours that I was faced with at every turn. It was a beautiful reminder of how powerful and mesmerising nature can be in it's purest form. The views took my creative side to inspiration for patterns, paintings and compositions of all kinds and I loved feeling completely immersed in it.

If you're a budding gardener, photographer or any kind of creative, like perhaps a designer or illustrator, I would truly recommend a visit to this show. Tickets for next year's show are already on sale on the RHS website, and the show will be running 3rd - 8th July 2018. Perhaps see you there!


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