Candle Haul / My Corner of the Living Room

One of my favourite shops to browse in and buy things from is HomeSense. I love the way they keep up with seasonal trends and always have new things to look at. I’m absolutely obsessed with candles and buy quite a lot of them from HomeSense, and on a recent trip to my local store, I found these 2 beauties.

I usually like to spend ages browsing through the candles in HomeSense, as there’s hundreds of scents to choose from, and picking the right one for the right space in your home is an important business! My living room is the hub of my home, where I spend the majority of my down time, and I love making it cosy with throws, cushions and candles. These scents and colours are perfect for the space as they aren’t too overwhelming and help to create the perfect snug vibe i’m aiming for.

The fluffy cushion is also from HomeSense, and my beautiful armchair is from IKEA. The living room itself is quite a mismatch of furniture and pieces, but there’s a theme of blues and browns running throughout. I always keep at least 2 or 3 candles on the large coffee table, and they become a really cosy centre piece for quiet nights in watching Netflix.

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